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Video Walk Throughs are a safe and affordable way to make your listings stand out

How to sell your home in these trying times! Here is a very timely and relevant post from

"Selling a home during a pandemic will add a slew of new safety concerns to the mix.

But even during the COVID-19 crisis, real estate transactions are moving forward. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently classified real estate as an essential service, although local laws might affect what's allowed and might ban certain activities like open houses. (Be sure to check what's OK in your area.) Suffice it to say, many sellers are still listing their homes, and buyers are still buying, too.


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Hot off the press!   Get your listing out there!  Video walk throughs are a safe and effective way to get the word out about your listing. Showcase all of the features of your clients listing, kick back, relax and enjoy the walk through from the comfort and safety of your own home!  This is a recent video that was captured and produced last month using proper safety and social distancing guidelines to protect our clients and photographers. Additional time should be allotted for all work due to the safety precautions we are taking during this challenging time.





The market is hot right now!  You can move your business forward and be safe.  24 hour turn around! Don't have a place to host your video, we have you covered. All videos are mobile friendly and compatible with all of the MLS and real estate listing sites.











How Do You Sell a Home Safely During the COVID-19 Crisis? Here Are the Steps To Take

"Eye-catching photos and video have long been a must for any home listing, but that’s more important than ever now, since so many people are sheltering in place at home and likely house hunting online. These days, sellers are taking their listings up a notch by offering virtual tours of their homes to drive interest among buyers and provide a more in-depth glimpse of the property."

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